Frau KARO LIVE - Breaking Clouds

Hey folks!

Get an impression of my boys and me live in concert in Münster, where we presented our track "Breaking Clouds".

Golden Days - Official Live Video by Monotronix + Frau KARO

Hey folks!

Watch this!

Our friends Julian David (our producer) and Hendrik Lensing (drummer, Dortmund) have a band called Monotronix! Fancy, modern, heavily grooving shit. They asked Karo for some warm vocals on this! Watch their first live performance on "Golden Days"... We love it!


Essen check! Dortmund check! Köln check! Münster: next friday (4th april)!

If you want to get an impression of what will expect you next friday, have a look at the 4th `New Names´ trailer!

NRW TOUR: Let the show begin!

 I'm going on tour with my new songs and can't wait to see and

  sing for you.

  It will start on wednesday night in Essen!

  Have a look at my dates, where and when you can find me!

  I'm so looking forward to this!

  Hope to see you then!

  Frau KARO


SOLD OUT! What a night....

This was crazy! A sold out record release party! How could it be better?

I had such a great time with my band last saturday (22.2)! I didn't expect it, but the LOFT in Cologne was completely sold out! What a great audience! What a great atmosphere! I couldn't have had a better and more emotional first concert with my new songs and my great band! Thank you so much!

Love, Frau KARO

Single Release "Pride (Bring It Back)" on 7th February!

There it is!

I'm so glad to let you guys finally hear my first single

and watch my first video clip!

THIS is so exciting to me!...

The single is now available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, spotify, etc. You can also order a physical, limited and autographed CD on Bandcamp.

Welcome to Frau KARO's new homepage!

Hello you guys!

This is my new homepage! Feel free to comb through, listen to my sounds and have a look at my videos and pictures! You'll get it all on this page. If you want to order my first album "breaking clouds" or some merch, just go to the shop or contact me!

If you want to find out, where and when my next show are, have a quick look at my dates.

2013 was a rough year!

Man, right after I made my first experience with television (Voice of Germany 2012), I started writing my very first Frau KARO songs. Great media did a lot to me and I had to write it all down and sing it out loud.

Weeks later I met my producer Julian David, who developed those songs with me. We worked on the arrangements and only a few months later, I recorded my 11 tracks with great musicians at the Maarweg Studios2 in Cologne! We had such a great time! Those were probably the hardest but also the best months in my life!

During those days, I took a lot of pictures to give you an impression of what we experienced.

I am so thankful for all this!

Love, Frau KARO

Frau KARO LIVE @ Domradio, Cologne

Great! I had the pleasure to be a guest @ the Domradio in Cologne

yesterday! My guitarist Jones and me had a nice chat with the the host

Daniel, listened to "Pride (Bring It Back)" and "Breaking Clouds" on the

radio and were aloud to play my song "Dancing In Flames" LIVE on air!

Big fun!

xxx, Frau KARO

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